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Cookies Policy

General information

This website has been prepared, created and designed by Marquès Rigol to publicize and allow access to the information contained therein, with the restrictions and limitations imposed by these General Conditions as well as allowing and enabling access to other pages with which the website shows business relationships, professionals or of any other kind.
The mere use of our website, attributed to who uses it, User status ( hereinafter "User"), who declares to know and accept without reservation or exception, each and every one of the General Conditions that are set out in this document.
Through our website, all Users will be given the possibility of accessing the content, services and other information concerning the corporate purpose of this entity.
Marquès Rigol is empowered to unilaterally modify each and every one of the obligations set forth in these General Conditions, without notice. It is also able to restructure, modify or delete any information, service or content included on its website, without notice. The modification of any of these general conditions for a particular case will only be valid when it has been collected in writing and signed by the legal representatives of each party..

Conditions of Access and Use

Through the Marquès Rigol website, any user may freely access the information contained on the aforementioned website..
The conditions of access to the web are subject to the legal provisions in force at all times as well as to the principles of good faith and lawful use by the User., expressly and exhaustively prohibiting any type of action that could be detrimental or detrimental to our website or third parties.
The website does not require prior subscription for simple navigation, access or use of the service in question. Conversely, for access to certain content and services, prior subscription and corresponding registration as a User will be required (from now on Registered User).
For the use of our website it is necessary to use cookies. Cookies are used in order to speed up the use of our site.

What type of Cookies does this website use??

Analysis cookies. We use Google Analytics cookies, Google provider to have an understanding of the navigation and use of users on our website.
Tracking cookies. We use Google Adwords Remarketing cookies, from Google provider, to have information about the main interests of visitors to our website, and be able to carry out advertising campaigns based on the user's real interests.
In no case do we obtain information about the user's personal data, guaranteeing the protection of the privacy of the people who browse the web.

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